Our hotel is strategically located on 121 Guaraní Avenue, a part of the city where the greater flow of tourists and travellers from Argentina and other countries stay. This makes it easier to get here by any means; with your own vehicle, by bus or by plane (see the guided map to reach the hotel and other important references).

Just a pair of blocks away from the hotel you will find:

  • Restaurant area(600 ft)
  • Bus terminal where buses leave to Iguazú Falls (600 ft)
  • Taxi and private car services (300 ft)
  • Supermarkets (600 ft)
  • Bakery (600 ft)
  • Ice-cream parlors (600 ft)
  • Gas station (600 ft)
  • Banks and ATMs (1,300 ft)
  • City center (1,300 ft)
  • Bar & Pub area (1,600 ft)
  • Hospital (2,000 ft)